IRMS Training Courses

The Isomass IRMS Training Centre at the University of Ottawa offers Thermo users three separate courses:  EA, IRMS and GC/C.  The IRMS course is the core mass spectrometer course which covers the Delta V Advantage and Plus as well as the MAT 252/253 Thermo instruments.  This course is a prerequisite for the EA and GC/C courses.  Small class sizes are the key to the success of these courses, which facilitate the hands-on participation of each attendee.  For more information please complete a Request Form.

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MASS SPEC-IRMS (4 Days) Core Course


DELTA V Series
DeltaPlus XP & Advantage
DeltaPlus and DeltaPlus XL
MAT 252, 253


March 25-27, 2020
July 15-17 & 20th, 2020
December 2-4 & 7th,  2020

April 21-23 & 26th,  2021
July 14-16 & 19th,  2021
December 1-3 & 6th,  2021

  • This is the Core Course around which the other courses are built.  It should be taken in conjunction with the other courses, or as a prerequisite for courses to be taken later.
  • It is essential that attendees have a minimum of 3 months familiarization with their instrument before attending the course.
  • This course focuses on the common aspects of operating and maintaining the Thermo Fisher series of IRMS instruments, with references to the older DeltaPlus and MAT 252 Series.
  • Demos and exercises are performed on multiple Delta XP IRMS; which suitably proxy to the latest Delta V and to the MAT 253.
EA-IRMS (2 Days)

Elemental Analyzers:
Carlo Erba & CE

PN150 & Zero Blank
AS200 & AS128

ConFlo II, III and IV


March 23-24,  2020
July 13-14, 2020
November 30-December 1,2020

April 19-20,  2021
July 12-13,  2021
November 29-30, 2021

  • In-depth look at Elemental Analyzer’s hardware as well as chemistry specifics applied to the IRMS systems.  Individual particularities of the Costech ECS-4010, Carlo-Erba & CE series of EAs, Thermo Flash EA & TC/EA as well as Elementar’s Vario III elemental analyzer are discussed.
  • Autosampler function & maintenance.
  • ConFlo II, III & IV interfaces function and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting of the EA-IRMS pairing.
  • Isodat and EA setup, methods, analysis, and data handling.
GC-IRMS (3 Days)

Agilent 6890GC
Thermo TraceGC



GasBench II


March 30 – April 1,  2020
July 21-23, 2020
December 8-10,  2020

April 27-29,  2021
July 20-22,  2021
December 7-9,  2021

  • In-depth look at the gas chromatograph hardware and functions. Overview of the Agilent 6890GC and the Thermo TraceGC.
  • GC-C/TC-III interfaces function and maintenance.
  • GasBench II interface function, applications, and maintenance.
  • Function and application of the PreCon as a preparation device for trace analysis of CH4 and N2O in air. A look at other non-standard applications of this device.
  • Troubleshooting of the GC-IRMS pairings.
  • ISODAT and GC setup, methods, analysis and data handling.

All courses will run as follow:

Week 1:

Monday – Tuesday (EA-IRMS) – 2 days
Wednesday – Friday (MS IRMS) – 3 days
Saturday – Sunday (Break – no classes)

Week 2:
Monday (MS IRMS – continued) – 1 day
Tuesday – Thursday (GC-IRMS) – 3 days
University of Ottawa
Ján Veizer Stable Isotope Laboratory
Advanced Research Complex Building (ARC)
25 Templeton, Room 460
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5 Canada

Les Suites Hotel
130 Basserer Street
Ottawa, ON Canada K1N 9M9
Ph:(613) 232-2000 or TF: 1-800-267-1989
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Class Hours:  9h00 – 17h00 everyday including Friday; please time your return flights accordingly.  Lunches and snacks are provided.  A group banquet is scheduled for the Thursday evening of the IRMS course.

For information about price, availability and registration contact Linda Gallagher.

Training Coordinator at: .