IRMS Isodat Advanced Control Training Course Outline

Isodat Course Outline

  1. The Hardware (Addressing & command codes: IRMS board sockets and plugs)
  2. The Software (Isodat 2.0 to 3.0 and Windows 7)

Configurator, Isodat Editor and Workspace

  1. Edit New “User Device”
    Edit “Events”Tab
    Edit “Sequence” Tab
    Edit “Monitor Parameters” Tab
    Edit “System Start Values Tab
  2. Workspace (Peripheral Visualisation)
  3. Configurator (Visualisation Dialog)
  4. The “Isodat Editor”

Isodat Scripting Language (ISL)

  1. Program Structure
    – Libraries
    – Variable declaration
    – Functions
    – Main
  2. Key functions (UserInfo, Call, _Set, include, function, _GetSequenceText etc.)
  3. Menus
    – Open file
    – Go to Definition
    – Insert Device item (Cnf)
    – Insert Device item (All)
    – Insert Function
  4. Dynamic Externals
    Set and display your own defined parameters that a user can modify from variable
    boxes or dropdown menus