Isomass Scientific and our partners offer operator training for all the new and pre-owned instruments that we sell.  These courses will familiarize users with instrument operations as well as regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and the diagnostic practices that are essential to the long-term reliability of both the instruments and the results that they produce.

In association with the Ján Veizer Stable Isotope Laboratory of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Ottawa we offer maintenance and service courses for Thermo stable isotope mass spectrometers.  The price per day is $750 ($US for international students, $CDN for Canadian students).  The price includes tuition and lunch with all other costs such as airfare, meals and hotel being the responsibility of the student.  Please download the brochure and course registration.  Please see our payment and cancellation policy for further information.

To register please contact at Isomass Scientific.

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Our partner, Elemental Microanalysis, have posted a series of instructional videos to their website.  These videos show how to pack different sample types for analysis in an elemental analyser and how to pack reactor tubes for an elemental analyser.

Our partner, SIS, have posted some useful on-line mass spectrometer tools on their website.  These tools can be used to display mass spectra, calculate exact mass of compounds and more.