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Thermo Elemental Analyzer

  • Thermo FlashSmart
  • Thermo EA-IsoLink CN
  • Thermo EA-IsoLink CNOH
  • Thermo EA-IsoLink CNS-OH
  • EA 1106
  • CE 1110
  • NC2100
  • Flash EA 1112
  • Thermo Flash 2000
We are pleased to offer high quality products at an affordable price for CHNOS analysis. For information about products available for Thermo analyzers, click for Isomass equivalent product list. These models of elemental analyzers are no longer available and include models manufactured by Carlo Erba, Fisons, CE and Thermo.  Please see the FlashSmart page for a current model CHNOS analyzer. For information about products available for Carlo Erba analyzers, click on the document links.