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Mass Spectrometer Spares

SIS offers a wide range of ceramic insulators for mass spectrometer sources. Washers, tubes and solid rod high purity alumina ceramic insulators for most mass spectrometers are available. SIS have parts and accessories for most mass spectrometers manufactured in the last 20 years. In addition to cleaning and repairing mass spectrometer filaments, SIS also cleans and services mass spectrometer sources, repairs vacuum flanges and vacuum feed-throughs, repairs GC inlets and repairs many other mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph parts. Their shops have been expanded over the years to serve the needs of the scientific instrument community. They have a full CNC machine shop to do custom machining. They shop can do TIG vacuum welding and leak checking. If you need a custom manufacture or repair of your mass spectrometer components please contact us.

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