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The PreCon is a fully automated trace gas pre-concentrator for the isotope characterization of N2O and CH4 at natural concentrations and natural isotope abundances. It allows sample sizes to be reduced by three orders of magnitude and improves sample throughput by at least one order of magnitude.

The PreCon attaches to the GC IsoLink or the GasBench II interfaced to a Thermo isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Both CH4 (13C/12C) and N2O (15N/14N and 18O/16O) can be measured at natural concentrations (CH4: 1700 ppb; N2O: 330 ppb) in air sample volumes <100 mL.  Samples can be provided either manually using containers with valves, or full automated by using containers with septa and a GC-PAL auto sampler.