Scientific Instrument Services

We provide Scientific Instrument Services (SIS) supplies and services for mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs, and liquid chromatographs, including:

  • General Mass Spectrometer Supplies – filaments (including repair), multipliers, accessories
  • Mass Spectrometer Instrument Supplies – for specific models
  • Thermal Desorption – single sample and multiple sample thermal desorption systems, desorption tube accessories, condition system
  • Gas Chromatography supplies – columns, syringes, GC-Cryo-Trap, ferrules & septa
  • Liquid Chromatography/LCMS – HPLC columns, micro-bore LC columns, HPLC accessories, splitters, multi-well plates, syringe pumps
  • General Laboratory and Cleaning Supplies – vials, glassware, pipettes, storage boxes

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(Prices on the SIS website are in U.S. Dollars.  For Canadian pricing contact Isomass at:

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