Analab has developed an entire range of devices to cover the different stages of sample preparation. Calling on years of expertise in the field, Analab provides unique systems designed to:

  • Eliminate sample contamination
  • Maximize reagent purity
  • Improve the quality of your blanks
  • Enhance the reproducibility of your data
  • Reduce costs

Analab’s product line includes a vast array of sample preparation products for physical and elemental analysis, including, but not limited to, ICP-OES, ICP-MS and wet chemistry applications, including a line of metal free, corrosion resistant hotplates and racks. For an Analab Catalogue please complete Request Form.

Our Analab Hotplate short form catalogue and product selector is now available. Please download now.

Analab offers equipment for washing, decontaminating and conditioning a wide variety of containers to be used for mineralising, transferring and storing samples in their liquid state. Washing with hot steam or at room temperature.

Purification devices for obtaining the purest reagents, essential for the successful results of your analyses.

Effective mineralisation, with no risk of overheating or contaminating your samples due to the equipment.

Devices for the evaporation of samples in a closed environment.

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