Isotope Ratio Instruments

DELTA RAY Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer

The Delta Ray IRIS was designed with field portability and operational simplicity in mind.  Its modular design, low weight and small footprint enable it to be placed right at the point of research interest. At the core of the analyzer is a difference frequency generation (DFG) laser that operates in the mid-infrared, where the absorption of CO2 and its isotopologues are so strong that 5 m path length are sufficient to achieve a precision as low as 0.05‰.

The Delta Ray is the analyzer of choice for demanding field applications such as greenhouse gas monitoring, ecology, plant science, carbon sequestration and storage research, or volcanic monitoring.

DELTA V Advantage

The DELTA V Advantage has a sensitivity for CO2 in Dual Inlet mode that is better than 1200 molecules per ion.  The standard collector configuration is the Universal Triple Collector, while H2 collectors, with on-line hydrogen capability, are optional. This instrument delivers high performance in Dual Inlet and Continuous Flow mode.  Excellent linearity is guaranteed with or without helium carrier gas flow. If the analytical needs of the laboratory change, a field upgrade to the DELTA V Plus is possible.


The DELTA V Plus is the highest performing DELTA instrument ever built. The ion optics has been refined, resulting in the highest possible ion transmission.  This leads to a sensitivity of 800 molecules per CO2 ion in the Dual Inlet mode and, more importantly, 11000 molecules per ion in the Continuous Flow mode.  This instrument can accommodate up to 10 collectors, ensuring flexibility to cover all isotope ratio MS applications in the mass range up to m/z 96.  Its versatility puts virtually no instrumental limit to your research.

MAT 253

The MAT 253 is the Gold Standard for isotope ratio MS.  It delivers the highest sensitivity and precision for the determination of isotope ratios. It is unique in its ability to achieve precision measurements from the smallest amounts of sample and delivers the highest precision for the determination of H/D, 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 18O/16O, 34S/32S (from SO2 and SF6), 28Si/29Si as well as Ar, Kr and Xe isotope ratios. This instrument provides a flexible and open platform for the connection of inlet systems and preparation devices.