Heating and Ablation Lasers

Infrared Lasers

Fusions 10.6 Laser Step Heating System – is configured for 40 Ar-39Ar geochronology analyses in conjunction with a noble gas mass spectrometer. The FUSIONS 10.6 provides for the targeting and controlled (stepped) heating of mineral samples, including feldspars, sections and grains to the fusion point. It has the capacity to irradiate sample surface areas up to 6.0 mm in diameter using a field-proven, RF excited, sealed CO2 laser that can be continuously adjusted in output power to >55W.  Unique beam flattening technology converts the usual Gaussian beam profile to a flat, uniform energy distribution across the sample.

Fusions .970 Diode Laser Stepped Heating System– is designed for 4He 3He thermo-chronometry.  It is the only system of its kind with real-time spot-on temperature measurement and closed-loop control. The Fusions .970Â near-IR wavelength couples more efficiently with platinum, palladium and other foils commonly used in micro-furnaces than a CO2 laser for total fusions.  It is more robust and reliable than the YAG lasers.

Excimer Lasers

Analyte G2 – this new generation of Analyte system delivers finely controlled, flat (homogenized) ablations with high sensitivity and split second response for shot-to-shot, spatially resolved analyses.  Fire-on-the-fly lasing triggered by the stage motion controller provides depth profiling of lines and raster areas like never before. The G2 features a colour HD zoom video microscope plus a live, wide field of view, sample map camera for fast navigation of the sample cell.  The combination of ultra-short pulse length and 193nm wave length is unsurpassed in coupling efficiency. As a result, the G2 yields higher peak energy for total ablation, producing smaller particles that ionize readily with less noise and fractionation than large format excimer lasers.

Analyte Excite – The Excite delivers finely controlled, “homogenizer-flat” ablations with high sensitivity and split second response.  Fire-on-the-fly lasing that is synchronized to the stage motion, combined with fast washout ablation cell, make precision depth profiling of spots, lanes and areas possible and enable high spatial resolution elemental mapping.  The Excite is equipped with a high definition, colour GigE camera on a high magnification optical zoom video microscope capable of resolving 2 µm features.  Transmitted, reflective and ring illumination with cross polarizers plus software selectable cameras settings give the user enhanced viewing capabilities.  The combination of ultra-short pulse length and 193 nm wavelength is unsurpassed in coupling efficiency.

The Excite ablates all materials, from opaque to highly transparent, including delicate powders, hard quartz and resilient carbonates with depth penetration in tens of nanometers per shot.  The beam energy is homogenized to ensure uniform ablations across the entire range of spot sizes and on a wide range of materials.

Femto Second Laser

Analyte FS-G2 – Photon Machines introduced the 1st commercial UV femtosecond laser ablation system in 2008.  The Analyte FS-G2 is the next generation.  It is the best in its class. This is the only system that preserves the femtosecond laser beam properties and the promise of matrix independence.