Elemental Analyzer

Thermo FlashSmart

The Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer is designed for the determination of five elements: Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Sulfur by combustion (modified Dumas method) and Oxygen determination by
pyrolysis. The Analyzer is supplied with a 32 position single drum in the MAS Plus Autosampler as standard. The purchaser has the option to add more drums till 125 positions. Sample capacity is up to 1 gram. The Autosampler design allows users to add or remove samples at any time during operation. The sample placed in the Autosampler is purged with helium to eliminate environment gases.

The sample and the Oxygen reached the hottest combustion zone at the same time. The combustion occurs at approximately 1800 °C. The high temperature enables complete combustion and recovery of all elements. Separation of combustion gases is performed using gas cromatographic method. The chromatogram works as an “open window”, living information on what is happening inside the analyzer in real-time. Helium and Oxygen gases flow are controlled by an Electronic Mass Flow Controller (EFCt).

The TCD detector has a wide–range and is destruction proof against oxygen. The calibration is stable for a long time. The analyzer has an optional capability to use Argon carrier gas instead of helium. The TCD warranty is for 15 years under standard operating conditions. The Analyzer is easy to maintain and cost-efficient for long term operation. Safe operation is censure by low voltage in the entire instrument including furnaces. The furnace warranty is for 15 years under standard operating conditions.